About the fund

About The Fund

How it Works

  • The County Monaghan Fund is based on a very simple idea.
  • Take a sum of money.
  • Invest it on behalf of the people of County Monaghan.
  • Only spend the income that the money earns, not the lump sum
  • Keep reinvesting the lump sum to keep on generating more income.
  • Keep spending the income generated on community and charitable projects in County Monaghan

The County Monaghan Fund was established in January 2004. It is the first county philanthropic fund in the Republic of Ireland. It was set up with the support of the Community Foundation for Ireland and a committee of 12 civic minded Monaghan people representing all areas of the county.

At the first meeting of the County Monaghan Fund committee, the Community Foundation for Ireland set a challenge. They would give a €100,000 grant to start the County Monaghan Fund, but only if it could be matched locally. This sum was raised there and then at the first meeting and a year later, in January 2005, the committee had their first annual income of €8,000 to spend.

Since then the Fund has been steadily growing. The more the Fund grows, the more income it generates for community and charitable projects in County Monaghan. The local committee have managed to raise the Fund to €350,000 to date and it is still growing.

The Committtee
The Monaghan Committee members are: Michael Treanor (Chairperson), Robert Moffett (Vice Chairperson), Francis McCarron (Secretary), Martin McVicar (Asst Secretary), Frank Cosgrove (Treasurer), Cathal McCarthy, Paddy Gollogly, Siobhain McCormick, Maurice Moffett, Padraig Watters, Robert Wilson, Padraig McEnaney. Fund Development Manager: Séamus McDermott

The Structure