Why donate to The County Monaghan Fund?
There are several reasons, for example

  • Flexibility
    The County Monaghan Fund is flexible. It will use your donation to address current needs in the County. For example, if the need is in the area of education, then that is where the money will go. However, if the need changes to Healthcare, then the Fund can redirect it’s support to this area.
  • Targeted Support
    The County Monaghan Fund only supports projects within the geographical county of Monaghan or projects which will benefit the needs of Monaghan people.
  • Personal Satisfaction
    When you donate to the County Monaghan Fund you will have the personal satisfaction of knowing that your donation will go to help really worthwhile causes within County Monaghan.
  • Tax Efficiency
    All donations to the Fund are tax efficient.
    – If you are a PAYE worker, the government will pass on the tax on your donation to the Fund.
    – If you are self employed you can reclaim tax at relevant tax rate on your donation.
    – If you are a company you can reclaim tax at the relevant company tax rate.

Grants are needed now more than ever in these recessionary times. Donate to the County Monaghan Fund today and the Community Foundation for Ireland will top up your donation by 1/3 extra!

For full details on the County Monaghan Fund and how you can become a donor please click on pages 1 and 2 of the Handout Leaflet document links below.

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